Étiquette : North of France

  • Museum of Fine Arts in Arras

    Museum of Fine Arts in Arras

    After the recumbent and transi figures of the Louvre Museum, here are some funeral pieces from the Museum of Fine Arts in Arras, in the North of France. There is a rather impressive transi of Guillaume Lefranchois, a doctor during the first half of the 15th century. The transis appeared in the 14th century, a […]

  • The Valenciennes UFO

    The Valenciennes UFO

    Place de la République in Valenciennes stands this building which does not go unnoticed. Designed by the architect Léon Forgia in the 1970s to house the CAF and the URSSAF (some French administrations), the work was completed in 1980 after certain hazards due in particular to a water table in the basement and administrative hassles. […]

  • Natural History Museum in Lille

    Natural History Museum in Lille

    The Natural History Museum in Lille was created in 1822, it was installed in the premises it still occupies today in 1896. It houses four major collections, two of which are currently kept in the reserves for lack of space. These are ethnography (about 15,000 objects) and science and technology (about 70,000 pieces), some pieces […]

  • Leffrinckoucke Blockhauses

    Leffrinckoucke Blockhauses

    There are a lot of blockhauses on the northern beaches of France. One of the most original was perhaps the Leffrinckoucke mirror blockhaus. I say « was » because the artist has since removed the mirrors that covered the concrete for seven years. Every year 500 hours of volunteer work, and as many tubes of glue, were […]