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  • Natural History Museum in Montauban

    Natural History Museum in Montauban

    The Victor Brun Natural History Museum was created in Montauban in 1852. The 19th century atmosphere, with old wooden showcases for instance, is blending with more recent stagings. In the first room we immediately see the elephant which almost touches the ceiling, on the museum website we can read: « The elephant of the Pinder Circus,…

  • Creations of Doctor Auzoux

    Creations of Doctor Auzoux

    Louis Auzoux is a 19th century French physician, he is known for his anatomical models used worldwide for teaching the human and veterinary medicine, as well as botanical models. He used a process similar to papier-mâché to produce his very precise anatomical reproductions. Since 1828 the models are produced in a factory in his native…