Étiquette : Lozere

  • Tournel castle

    Tournel castle

    The Tournel castle is a feudal castle built at an altitude of more than 1000 m, located in St Julien du Tournel, in Lozère (France). It is now in ruins, but during the 12th century at the time of its construction the fortified castle was the centerpiece of the barony of Tournel. In the 14th…

  • The abandoned attic

    The abandoned attic

    Here is an attic that has not seen many people for a while. The copy of the newspaper Midi Libre on the old oven is from June 30, 1985, that gives us a little idea of how old the dust is!

  • Vehicle graveyards

    Vehicle graveyards

    Going for a walk in the forest in Lozere, a region in the south of France, is an opportunity to come across wrecks of cars, caravans, agricultural machinery… and why not a bicycle in a tree. After the Brittany ship graveyards, here are the Lozere vehicle graveyards.

  • Ruined house on the bank of the Colagne

    Ruined house on the bank of the Colagne

    This house could be ideally located by a river. Indeed, the Colagne flows below, it flows into the Lot a few hundred meters further. But I always knew it in ruins, perhaps because it was on the edge of a national road, more exactly between the road, the railway, opposite one of the largest quarries…