Étiquette : curiosities

  • The Smurfs buildings in Geneva

    The Smurfs buildings in Geneva

    In the Grottes district of Geneva, there are buildings built between 1982 and 1984 by the architects Robert Frei, Christian Hunziker and Georges Berthoud. These very colorful buildings with unconventional shapes stand out in this city with its more classic architecture. The architects wanted to get out of constructions with straight lines, they were inspired […]

  • Testut-Latarjet museum

    Testut-Latarjet museum

    The Testut-Latarjet museum was founded in 1854, it’s the museum of anatomy and medical natural history attached to the faculty of medicine of Lyon. It was installed since 1930 in the grounds of the faculty of medicine, it was moved in 2015 to Rillieux-la-Pape (the photos were taken before the move, between 2014 and 2015). […]

  • The Valenciennes UFO

    The Valenciennes UFO

    Place de la République in Valenciennes stands this building which does not go unnoticed. Designed by the architect Léon Forgia in the 1970s to house the CAF and the URSSAF (some French administrations), the work was completed in 1980 after certain hazards due in particular to a water table in the basement and administrative hassles. […]

  • Facteur Cheval’s ideal palace

    Facteur Cheval’s ideal palace

    Ferdinand Cheval built the palace in the garden of his house in Hauterives, in Drôme, between 1879 and 1912. During his postman rounds, long daily walks of about thirty kilometers, he let himself go in daydreaming, he often thought of this palace, imagining every cave, every sculpture, every detail. It was when he stumbled on […]

  • The foot, the sweater and the digestive system

    The foot, the sweater and the digestive system

    The foot, the sweater and the digestive system are a set of sculptures installed on the beach of St Nazaire in 2021. Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel worked together on this triptych made up of concrete blocks reaching seven meters high, it was necessary solid to withstand the ocean. St Nazaire is indeed located at […]

  • Doel, the village that almost disappeared

    Doel, the village that almost disappeared

    Doel is a village located in Belgium, next to the port of Antwerp, on the banks of the Escaut. Before the 90s, it was a popular place for locals who came there for their Sunday stroll to enjoy nature, see the pretty houses, the small port, or the old mill dating from the 17th century. […]

  • Fragonard Museum

    Fragonard Museum

    The Fragonard Museum is the museum of the National Veterinary School located in Maisons-Alfort in the Paris suburbs. Created in 1766, it’s one of the oldest museums in France, this imposing and diversified collection of 4200 items relating to domestic animals is from the 18th century until the 1980s. The four rooms of the museum […]

  • Creations of Doctor Auzoux

    Creations of Doctor Auzoux

    Louis Auzoux is a 19th century French physician, he is known for his anatomical models used worldwide for teaching the human and veterinary medicine, as well as botanical models. He used a process similar to papier-mâché to produce his very precise anatomical reproductions. Since 1828 the models are produced in a factory in his native […]