Natural History Museum in Geneva

Museum d'histoire naturelle de Genève Natural history museum Geneva

The Natural History Museum of Geneva, Switzerland, was created in 1794, the collections increasing over the years, the museum has moved several times.

In 1966 a large simple and modern building was built to house the museum’s collections and research. We are far from the atmosphere and the aesthetics of the dusty cabinets of curiosities of the 19th century. Today, 15 million specimens of zoology, paleontology, geology and mineralogy are presented on these 8,500 square meters spread over five floors.

The ground floor is open to the public since 1966, 120 very colorful dioramas present the regional fauna. In the early 1970s, the two next floors were opened, presenting fauna from the rest of the world. On the second floor exotic mammals and birds; on the third floor fish, batrachians, reptiles. A new room opened in 2008: the Blaschka room. Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka were two Dresden glassmakers famous for their amazing glass models of molluscs and jellyfish. The fourth floor concerning earth science and the history of humanity opened in 1977.

Since 1984 the museum has maintained a specific project on bats. A double project of protection and scientific research combined with communication and education around these animals.

Below are photos from the museum, plus on the site a series of photos taken at the same place where I had a little fun: White rabbit.


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