Testut-Latarjet museum

humains dans formol humans in formalin

The Testut-Latarjet museum was founded in 1854, it’s the museum of anatomy and medical natural history attached to the faculty of medicine of Lyon. It was installed since 1930 in the grounds of the faculty of medicine, it was moved in 2015 to Rillieux-la-Pape (the photos were taken before the move, between 2014 and 2015). The name of the museum dates from 1992, it’s a tribute to two great anatomists: Léo Testut and André Latarjet.

The museum has an impressive background in terms of its diversity and quantity : several thousand pieces, which are the grouping of collections, in particular those of the Société de médecine de Lyon, the anatomical cabinet of Marc-Antoine Petit and the Société des sciences médicales of Lyon, as well as private donations.

The collections were presented in the atmosphere of a 19th century cabinet of curiosities, in the showcases you could see jars, human and animal skeletons, skulls, medical instruments through the ages, wax models, stuffed animals and even some mummies. The collections are divided into several areas including human anatomy and its pathologies, the evolution of medical techniques, criminology, parasitology, teratology…

The museum is currently closed pending reopening in the new, more spacious premises.

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