Villa of hundred views

Villa des cent regards Montpellier

Today, we go for a walk in the Aiguelongue district in Montpellier to see the villa of hundred views. Its creator is an Italian mason, Victor Grazi, who would have started building the villa with his wife Ida in 1936. This date is given on the website of the association which takes care of the villa but on other websites we can see that the construction of the house would have started in 1950, even in 1960… After the death of Victor Grazi in 1970, the house remained abandoned until 2020 when volunteers undertook to renovate it.

The reason behind this name: villa of hundred views (which can be seen carved on the front facade) is not very clear. The owner would have chosen this name because according to the point of view we can have hundred different glances on the house, or that we could count hundred small windows in construction.

This house is now listed in the cartography of unique houses and gardens established by the Musée d’Art Moderne of Villeneuve d’Ascq. This cartography is a really interesting resource if you like eccentric constructions, architectural curiosities, made by self-taught (and sometimes megalomaniac) do-it-yourselfers.

These photos were taken in 2021.


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