Creations of Doctor Auzoux

Les créations du Docteur Auzoux the creations of Doctor Auzoux anatomie anatomy

Louis Auzoux is a 19th century French physician, he is known for his anatomical models used worldwide for teaching the human and veterinary medicine, as well as botanical models.

He used a process similar to papier-mâché to produce his very precise anatomical reproductions. Since 1828 the models are produced in a factory in his native village, which closed only in the early 2000s. There were many pieces produced but not all of them were kept in good condition. You can find one of the largest collection in the Montpellier conservatory of anatomy, there is a virtual tour on the university website for the curious. The university of Montpellier is in south of France, it’s home of the world’s oldest medical school still in operation, established in 1220.

In 2017 there was a very interesting exhibition of the anatomical creations of Doctor Auzoux at the Espace Bagouet in Montpellier, here are some selected pieces.


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