Ship graveyards

Cimetières de bateaux ship graveyard

A trip to Brittany is an opportunity to visit ship cemeteries. Especially if like me you like abandoned things, cemeteries, … Because Brittany is a peninsula in the west of France it’s surrounded by the ocean, so you will find a lot of ports in this area.

Here are two that I was able to visit, with very different atmospheres.

The first is the Magouër boat cemetery, in the town of Plouhinec. Those are old tuna boats stranded on the beach.

The second ship graveyard is in Douarnenez. It is more difficult to access but is really worth a look, when you come out of the forest and see these wrecks under tree branches it is really unique.

The boats are quite large, there are trawlers from the 1950s, old sardine boats…


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